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This is the site that is dedicated to our Corvette.



We enjoy our Corvette. It is the '71 in the middle in the above photo. Here you will find what we have done or what we should do to it.

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We are part of The Arizona Corvette Enthusiast club. We try to get together with the group as much as possible. Unfortunately with the Az heat, summer isn't the best of time to cruise in a non-air car...

We hope you enjoy our site.


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Well, our friend and ambassador for the National Corvette Museum  Gary, AKA Speedwratchet was wonderful enough to get us a brick with our name on it. He helped the ACE gang get it all set up and the next time your there, look for AnM Racing next to the Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts brick! Thanks again Gary for your hard work on getting this done for all of us.


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Here are the colors that were offered for 1971.

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Color Name                How Many were made

Nevada Silver                     1177

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Sunflower Yellow                   1177

Classic White                      1875

Mille Miglia Red                    2180

Mulsanne Blue                      2465

Bridgehampton Blue                 1417

Brands Hatch Green                3445

Ontario Orange                     2269

Steel Cities Gray                   1591

War Bonnet Yellow                  3706





 Description                                       Quantity        Cost

Base Corvette Sport Coupe              14680       $5496.00

Base Corvette Convertible                7121        $5259.00

Custom Interior Trim                        2602         $158.00

Power Windows                              6192           $79.00

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Custom Shoulder Belts                      677            $42.00

Auxiliary Hardtop for Convertible         2619         $274.00

Vinyl Covering for Auxiliary Hardtop      832           $63.00

Rear Window Defroster                     1598           $42.00

Air Conditioning                             11481          $459.00

Opt. Rear Axle Ratio Positraction        2395           $13.00

Power Brakes                                13558           $47.00

Optional 365 HP, 454ci Engine            5097          $295.00

Optional 425 HP, 454ci Engine             188         $1221.00

Opti. 330 HP, 350ci Engine                1949          $483.00

4-Speed Manual Transmission            2387             $0.00

4-Speed Manual Transmission HD         130          $100.00

Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic           10060             $0.00

Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column          8130            $84.30

Power Steering                              17904           $115.90

Deluxe Wheel Covers                        3007             $63.00

White Stripe Nylon Tires, F70x15         6711            $28.00

White Letter Nylon Tires, F70x15       12449            $42.00

Heavy Duty Battery                          1445            $15.80

Alarm System                                  8501            $31.60

AM-FM Radio                                 18078           $178.00

AM-FM Stereo Radio                         3431           $283.00

Special Purpose LT1 Engine Package        8           $1010.00

Special Purpose LS6 Engine Package        12         $1747.00



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Take a look at what we have done to the Vette by clicking on the picture.





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